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Plantronics AttiTubes

AttiTubes color voice tubes offer more than just a colorful accent. The different color voice tubes also offer functionality. For example, in many call centers, agents are organized into teams according to accounts or their role within the call center. AttiTubes color voice tubes allow managers and other agents to identify team members, enabling cooperation and enhanced productivity among these teams.

Color-coded voice tubes also offer agents an easy reminder to regularly change and replace their voice tubes. Plantronics recommends that voice tubes be changed every six months to ensure optimum performance.

  • The Voice Tube Advantage
    Plantronics offers both voice tubes and noise-canceling microphones for use with their line of professional call center headsets. Plantronics engineers have tested the acoustical properties of voice tubes in various call center environments, and have found that they deliver a variety of advantages, including:
  • Superior Sound Quality: The unique design of the Plantronics voice tube uses an omnidirectional microphone, which is less position sensitive than a noise-canceling microphone. Consequently, the voice tube is able to pick up the user's voice when it is positioned almost anywhere near the mouth, transmitting the voice loud and clear. Testing has also shown that a voice tube effectively minimizes background noise, except in very loud environments where a noise-canceling microphone would be appropriate.
  • Ergonomics and Comfort: By design, voice tubes are very lightweight, so they are comfortable and easy to wear all day long. As with all Plantronics headsets, the ability to talk "hands-free" promotes more natural communications, better posture and a more ergonomically correct work environment.
  • Cost Effective: Unlike headsets with a noise-canceling microphone, voice tubes do not have wires extending down the microphone boom, so are not subject to problems from wires that may become loose or disconnected. This, and the ability to replace the individual voice tubes rather than replacing the entire headset, makes a voice tube-equipped headset less susceptible to damage, and therefore more cost effective.
  • Ease-of-Use: The voice tube's omnidirectional microphone design makes it easy for both new and experienced users to properly position the microphone for the best possible sound. This is especially important for agents that regularly put on and take off their headset.
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Outrageous Orange AttiTube Mirage, Starset, & Supra 



Passion Pink AttiTubes Mirage, Starset, & Supra



Serene Green AttiTubes for Mirage, Starset, & Supra



Peaceful Purple AttiTubes for Mirage, Starset, & Supra



Cool Blue AttiTube for Mirage, Starset, & Supra



Rainbow Encore & Tristar Voice Tube package (6 Colors)




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