Nita Putnam

President / CEO

Nita’s father, Arthur Putnam, started Executive Systems, Inc. in 1967.

When Nita graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1984 she joined Art and eventually took over operations when Art retired.

Nita has been a part of the telecommunications industry since the breakup of the Bell Operating Companies and has successfully guided Executive Systems, Inc. through all the tumultuous transformations that have occurred since.

Beginning with Code-A-Phone answering machines, automated attendants, voice mail systems, then PBX phone systems and telecom peripheral products, today Executive Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of hosted or cloud based Voice over IP business communications services.

Nita graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Business Information Systems.

Choose Experience

Executive Systems, Inc. (ESI) has been in the telecommunication industry since 1967. This unique experience is shared only by Bell Operating Companies. Experience is used to help your company achieve maximum performance while  looking for ways to improve your existing equipment.

At Executive Systems, Inc. we are flexible when solving your telephone needs with a minimum impact on your budget. ESI designs enhancements or entire systems always establishing compatibility requirements and planning for future growth.


Father-to-Daughter – The Tradition of Excellence Continues

Continuity. A.D. “Art” Putnam has worked for more than 40 years to develop a communications company committed to customer service and superior products and service. The philosophy is that CUSTOMER and QUALITY matter. The tradition of excellence continues in his daughter, Nita R. Putnam, who shares that same commitment to customers and quality. Tradition means something to people, the people at Executive Systems. We are always willing to help in any way we can. It is a level of service that the customers of Executive Systems can rely on. Consistency in quality and service will carry you and ESI through the next generation.

Your Telephone System

Should Earn Its Worth

Make the most of opportunities. The way you answer your telephone system can make or break the “opportunity” that is calling. Your telephone system should support your efforts to gain new business or to serve existing customers. When your callers have to wait an extended number of rings they will likely hang up and call the competitor. ESI can improve labor and time management of your current phone system. Choose a phone system or accessories designed to fit your business today … and tomorrow.

Your Company Image


Most people form their first impression of a company when they telephone. Are your people able to help your customers in the most effective way? Improve your efficiency and productivity. Does your company have enough phone lines to serve your customer base? Is the telephone traffic distributed evenly to correct personnel? Executive Systems has factory trained salespeople available to assist you with special phone problems. ESI provides quality equipment and supporting accessories from a variety of manufactures, plus timely service and in-depth training.

No Down Time

That’s Service You Can Rely On!

Experienced, factory-trained technicians are available to service your equipment as soon as a problem develops. The availability of remote diagnostics with computerized telephone equipment will ensure economical and timely repairs and/or additions and changes to the existing systems. Executive Systems assumes the role of researcher to find quality products and dependable manufactures. Customers will never need to experiment with poorly designed equipment and inadequate factory technical support. To keep overhead low, ESI chooses products that work with minimum service requirements. When service calls are few, the long term investment is reduced.

Let Us Help You

Expand your Business

Expanding your business does not have to mean replacing your current phone system. ESI can provide alternatives. Upgrading your phone system, or a portion of it, may be all that’s needed to improve communication productivity. The way of the industry is automation. The solution to your problems may not be the most expensive or sophisticated equipment. Management and control of personnel and activities can increase production, decrease expenses or create a systematic way of operation. Your budget is also important to us, either establishing it or working within the limits. Let us help you design a system tailored to your needs.