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Jabra LINK 14201-16


Enjoy wireless freedom and get remote call control on your wireless headset from a wide range of Cisco Unified IP phones using an Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) cord. Answer or end calls, mute the microphone and adjust volume when you are away from the desk.

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150 Meter/450 Feet Wireless Freedom
The Jabra Link™ 14201 series puts the freedom and convenience of wireless communication in everyone’s reach. You can now walk and talk up to 150 meters/450 feet away from your desk phone. Answer calls, multitask and move around on your terms.

Remote Call Control
Answer and end calls, adjust the volume and mute your call on the Jabra wireless headset with seamless integration between your desk phone and headset. The remote call control gives you the power to multitask and be productive.

Easy to deploy
The Jabra Link™ 14201 series is optimized for use with all leading desk phone systems that provide EHS functionality and enables plug-and-play remote call control functionality with your cordless headset.

Additional information



Remote Call Control

<strong>Jabra Direct</strong> – No<br />This device does not have Jabra Direct<br />


<strong>Bluetooth version</strong> – N/A<br /><strong>Usage</strong> – Desk phones<br />Works with traditional desk phones<br />

Product Data Sheet

<a href=" Documentation/Remote Call Control/Datasheets/Datasheet_Jabra_Cisco_HHC_Adapter.pdf">Jabra LINK 14201-16 Data Sheet</a>