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Jabra Busylight


Jabra Busylight helps you cope with the open office environment challenges and let people clearly know you are on the phone. The indicator turns red when you are on a call and stops you from being interrupted.

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Ease of use
With its domed shape light guide, Jabra Busylight is visible from all angles. A long cord allows you to place the light where it easily can be seen and there is no need for an external power supply. Jabra Busylight can be mounted horizontally and vertically on your desk or PC monitor by using its 180° turntable foot with double adhesive tape.

Additional information

Product Data Sheet

<a href=" Documentation/Jabra Busylight/Datasheet/DS_BUSYLIGHT_50191_V01_1403_low.pdf">Jabra Busylight Data Sheet</a>

Quick Start Guide

<a href=" Documentation/Jabra Busylight/QSG/81-03105_RevA_GN Busylight.pdf">Jabra Busylight Quick Start Guide</a>


<strong>Unified Communication</strong> – Yes<br/>The device is fit for Unified Communications<br /><strong>Usage</strong> – Soft phone, Desk phones<br />


<strong>Visual Indicator</strong> – Yes<br/>Visual indicator to show status of various functions, such as connection, pairing, battery level and audio-link status<br />