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Jabra Dial™ 750 is a telephone dial pad that paired with a Jabra headset provides a fully functioning single-line telephone that connects directly to any wall-jack. Jabra Dial™ 750 provides a smooth and cost-effective migration path for growing contact centers and is ideal for anyone who wants to use up minimum desk space for a telephone/headset system.

The ergonomically designed dial pad features a big keypad, mute light, adjustable speaker and microphone volume as well as redial buttons that reduce the stress of repeated manual dialing. Unique supervisor port enables easy agent training and call monitoring.
Jabra Dial™ 750 is compatible with any corded Jabra QD headset.

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Mute Light
In-use mute LED indicator provides excellent call visibility when you are on a call.

Easy set-up
Connect the Jabra Dial™ 750 to your existing standard telephone wall jack. Attach your Jabra headset and you’re hands free.

Supervisor Port
Unique supervisor interface enables easy agent training and call monitoring.

User-friendly controls
On/off, big keypad, flash and redial buttons make it easy to dial and receive calls. Also features adjustable speaker and microphone volume buttons.

Additional information

Product Data Sheet

<a href=" Documentation/Jabra DIAL 750/Datasheets/DS_Jabra_Dial_750_50174_V01_1309.pdf">JABRA DIAL™ 750 Data Sheet</a>


<strong>Connectivity</strong> – Direct connect, QD<br />


<strong>Microphone Type</strong> – N/A<br/>Information on the type of microphone (or microphones) that this device is equipped with is not available at this time<br /><strong>Mute function</strong> – Yes<br/>Mute gives you the option to mute/unmute the microphone directly on the device<br />