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Jabra LINK 850


Advanced audio technology makes the Jabra Link 850™ audio processor the ideal choice for busy contact center and office environments that require consistent audio accuracy and clarity, background noise reduction and safe noise levels. Less noise and distractions keep agents focused and clear sound makes it possible for the agent and the caller to understand each other.

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Future-proof your headset investment
The Jabra Link 850 audio processor is the ideal choice if you are considering a move to Unified Communications. It connects to any phone and provides easy PC connectivity for softphone calls. And it is USB powered.

Boost agent efficiency
Consistent sound clarity, background noise reduction and safe noise levels ensure fewer call interruptions so agents complete more calls – faster. Built-in noise canceling capabilities and easy call management features promote a safe, comfortable and more productive working environment.

Prevent stress and hearing injuries
Reduce the number of sick days and increase employee retention. The Jabra Link 850 audio processor delivers acoustic shock protection and is compliant with the EU Noise at Work Directive and leading US recommendations, enforcing a maximum exposure limit of 85 dB(A).

Crystal clear conversation even in noisy open plan offices
Jabra Link 850 incorporates a number of best-in-class sound quality features, such as Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for greater intelligibility, Dynamic Volume Control that automatically adjusts call volume to a comfortable level, and Tone Control Equalizer for optimal level of crispness and clarity.

Jabra SafeTone™ | Enhanced hearing protection
Jabra SafeTone includes Jabra PeakStop and Jabra IntelliTone, the enhanced hearing protection technology. Benefit from clear, crisp and automatic limitation of average volume exposure during your workday according to acoustic standards and regulations. A feature that offers you significant confidence, safety and comfort while enhancing the quality of your communication.